Well known for its versatility, Casa da Música provides an adequate response to the specific needs of outside companies and promoters. Provided with sound, lighting and audio and visual equipment, the various spaces rely on a technical staff’s permanent assistance and a solid structure of support services. Whether your’s is a business, scientific, commercial, cultural or social event, Casa da Música is sure to offer you the best solution.

  • Sala Suggia

    As ex-libris and heart of Casa da Musica, Sala Suggia provides top acoustic quality and technical facilities, making it the favoured venue for medium and large-scale events such as concerts, presentations, conferences and congresses. The auditorium communicates visually with other spaces via the glassed-in areas that surround it. The decor in its interior is marked by the deliberate contrast between silver and gold and the interplay of light created by the transparent surfaces.

  • Sala 2

    Sala 2 is the second largest room in Casa da Musica and was designed as a multipurpose space.

  • Cybermusic

    The rubber and polyurethane foam surface on one side and exposed concrete on the other creates a unique dual acoustic effect. With a huge window providing natural light, this space is suitable for small and medium-sized events.

  • East and West Foyer

    Located at either end of Sala Suggia, the foyers look out onto the city through high undulated glass walls, offering a view which makes them particularly attractive for presentations, exhibitions, cocktails and medium-sized dinners.

  • VIP Room

    Paying tribute to both Portuguese and Dutch culture with its decorative tiles, the VIP Room is the calling card of Casa da Musica. Its magnificent view of the city and connection to Sala Suggia turn it into a favorite venue for intimate dinners, performances by small groups and ceremonial events.

  • Bars 1 and 2

    Bars 1 and 2 are focal points and perfect spaces for receiving and caring for the audiences’ needs. Different lighting effects allow personalization of each event, be it a cocktail, a coffee break or a lunch.

  • Rehearsal rooms

    There are 10 rehearsal rooms of different sizes at Casa da Música. Provided with excelent technical and accoutic characteristics, they are ideal for presentations and workshops.

  • Casa da Música Restaurant

    Located at the top of the building designed by Rem Koolhaas, and boasting an unexpected terrace overlooking Rotunda da Boavista gardens and an astonishing panoramic view of the city of Porto, Restaurant Casa da Música offers different ambiences and styles of cuisine.

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